Pneumonia times two

I know I talked recently about sharing. I've been working on the concept with Connor and the twins. Well it seems as though Connor wanted to show mommy how well he listens. He decided to share his pneumonia with Colin. What a good big brother! ;)

Not to be outdone, Colin couldn't have just a lung infection. He also threw an ear infection in for good measure.

But let's look on the bright side. Keira is getting tubes (provided her cold is all over by Monday) so that should cut down on her getting sick. And it's March. The sun is out, the birds were chirping as I walked into work - in FLATS no less. No more snow boots for me because spring has to be here soon, right? Right????

And I got asked to be a facilitator on a committee here at work. That's kind of big deal, at least here. Go me.
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