Look! New Pages!

Did you know that you can add pages to your blog? Obviously I did not. (I really am smart, I've just noticed that since having kids, I pay less attention to things!)

Anyway, now that I can add pages to my blog, I am determined to do so. I started off with a section about me. It's mostly quirky stuff that's bound to get quirkier. Oh well. Perhaps those are the reasons I have no friends....

The second page is about BOOKS! I love books. I miss reading so much. When I was little, I would ask for books for Christmas, then spend the entire day immersed in my new reading material. Downside was, by the end of Christmas vacation, I had nothing left to read! I use goodreads to keep track of what I've read during my life time, but on this page I will keep track of what I read this year. And what I'd like to read given time (and no sick kids).

I've got a few more ideas of pages to add, but I figured I'd start with these two. If you look towards the top of the blog, under the header you will find the new pages.

And by the way, thanks to those people who stop by and read my blog! :)

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