Not so picky eaters

Connor has always been a picky eater. After we started him on solids, he would only eat oatmeal. And drink milk like a sieve. We could mix baby food fruit or veggies in with the oatmeal, and that would be okay. But getting him interested in other foods took a really, really long time. As in now, at age 3.5, he eats maybe 7 things on a regular basis. If that.

I think God knew that if he gave me twins, he would need to give me a pair who liked to eat so that I wouldn't lose my sanity. And eat, they do. All the time if you would let them. And they try new foods! I can't get over that. I'm so used to Connor being given something, and hearing "I no like ___". But with the twinkies, they love food. And they like the healthy stuff too. They love fruit, Colin especially. It was no surprise that one of their first (few) words was 'banana'.

But let's talk about dinner time. We give them their dinner on their high chair trays. Connor gets his plate. Everyone eats the same thing. However, all three children only want what is on mine and Keith's plates. And they want our forks to eat with. And watch out if you are using ketchup or ranch as a dipping sauce. They must have it as well on their plates. I've lost a pound in the last couple of weeks due to not being able to eat my own dinner!

At breakfast, Colin and Keira used to be content with an eggo and some fruit. But they see Connor eating his bowl of cereal, so they throw the eggo to the side and insist on cereal too. Now that wouldn't be too bad, except someone (not naming any names, but she gave birth to Keith...) taught Connor to drink the milk out of his bowl when his cereal is done. Usually this is fine because he is really careful and doesn't spill. But on Sunday, I looked over and there was Connor drinking his milk out of his bowl. A quick glance at the twins showed bowls tipped up to their mouths, milk streaming down chins and bibs, puddles on the highchair trays, and random fruit loops stuck to their foreheads.

Next on the agenda, teaching Connor about the 'monkey-see, monkey do' syndrome that has hit our house.
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