Placing blame

My sister sent me a text last night telling me that my kids gave her the stomach flu. The weekend that Keira and Colin first got sick, my MIL and SIL had it too. It was only a matter of time before my side of the family got it. Currently my sister lives with my parents, so I didn't want to send Colin over there today and expose him yet again. He just now got over the lasting side effects of it.

My MIL bravely decided to take on all three of my kids - for the first time. Actually this is the first time that all three have been left home alone with someone other than my husband or I. It's not that they are a handful, but they really are. ;) My boss was kind enough to let me take a couple hours of personal time this afternoon, so MIL isn't stuck all day with the troublesome trio. I just hope they aren't too crabby/whiney/naughty for her.

I just keep holding out hope that February will be a better month for the family.
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