My special place

Since I can't really just up and go to New Orleans (at least not until spring 2011 when my work hopefully sends me there for a conference!), I look at pictures of my home away from home wistfully and think of better times. You know, when my kids were not STILL suffering from the after effects of the stomach flu that started over a week ago. Or when I still had sick time available at work. Or before I almost broke down crying in my boss's office when I told her I had to leave to go get my sick kids at daycare even though I don't have any sick time to take (which then luckily my husband was able to pick them up). Before phone calls from daycare asking me what exactly is wrong with my children and why are they still having gross diapers? (I swear - they were fine for two days before we sent them to daycare.)

I keep telling my husband I am depressed due to our sucky, sick lifestyle that has been plaguing us since September. The crappy, cloudy winter weather does not help I am sure. (Today's forecast: freezing rain.) My husband thinks depression is stupid and that I just need to eat healthier to feel better. Yeah, sure, that'll do it.

Anyway, when I'm feeling stressed, I just put this picture as my desktop wallpaper and think back to those 7 glorious days we spent in New Orleans on our honeymoon. We ate at the Cafe du Monde almost every day. Pure heaven. This is my comfort picture.
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