My baby is going to preschool

Through a surprising turn of events (and my husband getting confused when talking to the twins' daycare director), Connor will be starting pre-school. Next week!

We had big plans to start him this past fall at the same school where my niece goes. We thought that since he would do well knowing Lexi was in the class with him. However, my attempts at potty-training failed this past summer. (Well actually I didn't try too hard, because I was quite busy chasing the destructive duo around as well. And with only one bathroom - upstairs - it wasn't very easy to stop every 1/2 hour to do a bathroom break.)

So then I had high hopes of doing a late start pre-school in October. Then November. Then January. As my winter break came and went without any excitement from Connor to stop wearing diapers ('But I lobe my di-dees, mommy!), it was decided that Keith would ask the daycare about what kind of program was available for a diaper-loving 3.5 year old. He was supposed to inquire about 2 full days in their daycare room.

He called me yesterday to say he got lots of information on their half-day preschool program. But we work! How can we get him there? Tuesday/Thursday? But then that means his mom has to switch her day off and arrange coverage for her quilt guild duties; my mom will have to switch her days with Connor; and we technically aren't allowed to drop him off early like we do with the twins - because they are in the daycare part and he would be in the pre-school part.

His answer to my questions and concerns was, "Well, I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to ask and what exactly was going on."

What? He had one question to ask. Can our 3.5 year old son get into a 2-day care program?

Anyway.............. I called today to try to clarify things. But the director assures me that Connor will quickly learn to be a "big" kid and be potty-trained rather quickly. My lunch break was filled with calls to daycare, MIL, my mom, and Keith. We've got our schedule worked out. Connor starts Tuesday.

And mommy is just a little bit sad that her baby is going to school.

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