My brain has reached its capacity

My husband thinks something is wrong with me. He feels that I do not remember things the way that I used to. I've tried explaining to him that I've got a lot going on, that he can't expect me to remember every little thing he says to me (because a lot of what he talks about lately is carpet and sanding and tile for the new bathroom/family room remodel project and frankly I find all that talk boring anyway...)

I was thinking this morning about how Keith keeps making comments about how I don't remember things anymore. Let's get this straight - it's not like I forget that the stove is on or drive away without shutting the garage door (and I've never driven around the block to make sure that the door is, in fact, shut). But it's little things that apparently bother him. He's been talking about carpet for like a week now. We need to re-carpet our family room. But do I really care about the density or nylon vs. polyester? No. I just want pretty carpet that prevents stains. Also, one that vacuums itself would be a bonus. Most conversations Keith and I have had lately mention carpet and particles and density and a bunch of other blah blah blah. And for the life of me, I can't force myself to remember each brand of carpet and it's qualities. But because I don't remember all things carpet or have to ask him three times, "which one is that again?", he feels my memory is shot.

But let's talk about why my brain is full and not accepting new (and boring) information:
  • I had 3 kids in 2 years. The twins took all my iron and half my brain cells.
  • I work full-time at a job where I am the only person who evaluates the hundreds of transcripts we get each year. I am the one responsible for deciding if a course can be used in a transferable degree. And that's just one of the things I do. My brain is filled with college codes, our courses, other schools' courses, names of contacts, policies, procedures, charts, catalogs and a myriad of other crap. Not to mention, I'm the one building degrees and certificates into our degree audit system. I'm basically doing programming. All the other colleges that use our same student system hire IT people to do what I'm doing. I am not IT. I have a master's in history. I'm winging it here.
  • I spend my evenings watching The Wiggles and doing laundry and cleaning up the floor from dinner (the twins just looove to throw their food on the floor to let us know they are done eating) and picking up the messes from the kids and packing diaper bags and have very little time to actually sit and do something I want to do or get to bed before 11 p.m.
  • The alarm goes off at 5 a.m. every morning. I've been tired since March 3, 2008. (That is the day of my 20 week u/s where I found out I was having twins.)
  • My kids have had one or more sicknesses since the beginning of September. It's hard keeping track of medicines and dr's appointments and scheduling of shots (and rescheduling because of illness. And then rescheduling again because of other illnesses.)

And you know what? I do it all without the help of valium or vodka or any other mind-numbing substance. Although I do think life might seem easier if I did start drinking. Or course if I drank, then perhaps I would forget to do the big things - like turn the stove off. And quite possibly I might be able to sleep through Colin's late night parties. The other night he was up until after 1 a.m., just hanging out. He wanted to watch the damn Wiggles. I'd put him in his crib and he'd scream until his sister woke up. I love him, but seriously when will teething be over?

So because of all these things, I must admit that my brain has reached capacity and will no longer be accepting new information. At least until the new year. Could someone please tell my husband so he can stop talking about carpet?

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