One of my pet peeves is that Christmas comes too early. Not the actual holiday, but everything else. Society somehow thinks that Christmas trees should reside next to pumpkins and other Halloween decorations. There is a local radio station that switches to all Christmas music all the time in November. Last year, I think it switched over on November 1. Sickening. This year, they waited until this past Saturday, I think due to complaints they received last year about doing it too early.

Anyway, I refuse to listen to any and all Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving.

However... Last Wednesday was my floating holiday. I took the day off to start my Christmas shopping (since weekends are limited due to the family room improvement project that was supposed to take a month but will really take two).

I am very ashamed to admit I broke out one of my favorite CDs, The Best of Christmas, Part One. You can't find this CD in any store since I made it myself. It's got all the best Christmas songs on it. And I listened to it. Way before Thanksgiving. I'm so ashamed.

On the other hand, one of the reasons I enjoy Christmas music so much is that it brings such a calming peace to me. And with everything that is going on in my life: the house that's a disaster, the twins who have no words but prefer to scream their frustrations, the three-year old who refuses to listen, the job that really kind of sucks, and the husband who is a tad on the crabby side (see comment regarding the family room improvement project), I didn't realize how much I needed to hear a couple of Christmas songs.

But now, I will be strong. I will put away that CD (and The Best of Christmas, Part Two as well) for another 11 days and bring them out again on November 27. After tonight of course, since today was a particularly hellish day at work. ;)
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