A 20-pounder!

Finally Colin has reached 20 lbs! 20.0 is what the scale read on Saturday at the ped's office. He broke out in hives on Tuesday at daycare. We called the after hours doctor because I wasn't sure what dosage of Benadryl he could have and was told it's a viral infection. More hives and a 104 temperature later, we got an appointment to get his ears checked again. Slight ear infection, but since we are going back on Friday for the vaccinations we couldn't get last time, we are holding off on antibiotics.

On October 2, he was 19 lbs, 3.2 oz. But now his pants are too short and his shoes are getting too small, so we think that the month the few weeks that included the flu/double ear infection/viral infection causing hives and a rash/slight double ear infection again, he also went through a growth spurt.

In my excitement of chasing him all over the exam room, I forgot to ask the doctor where he is at on the growth chart. He was in the 1%ile at his 15 month visit. I'm thinking now he is at least in the 3rd percentile. Time to celebrate! ;)

However, I'm seriously in denial about how this Friday will go. Blood work to check for lead/anemia, 2 vaxes, and one flu shot - TIMES TWO. Plus Connor on the hope they will also squeeze in a flu shot. One tiny exam room. And 16-month old twins who have perfected the art of the blood-curling scream.
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