Who will kill me first?

Colin is our daredevil. It's no surprise anymore to catch him hanging off the back of a kitchen chair or climbing on the couch, almost flipping off the back of it in an attempt to pull at my sheer curtains. He is an ER visit waiting to happen.

However, last night Keith brought the kids home and put them all in our super elegant playyard that makes up most of our living room. And yes we are quite dumb because our couch is currently located in the playyard. He went upstairs for just a moment (or so he says). When he came back down, he was not surprised to see Colin standing on the couch, yanking on my sheers. The big jaw-dropping moment was when he looked to the other end of the couch, and there was Miss Petunia, laughing and playing with the curtains. On the couch. My late walker with the low-muscle tone has learned to climb.

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