Vertigo - it's not just a rooftop bar in Chicago...

After a lovely weekend with the family which included eating out (in a real restaurant!) , I woke Monday morning to the room spinning. Just my luck to be diagnosed with vertigo. No real cause, no real cure. Somewhat of a waste to drive all the way to Urgent Care to be told it could last for 3 weeks or so.

This diagnosis was added to my never-ending list titled, "Weird things that happen to Sarah"

Other items on the list include:
  • Being kissed by a gas station attendant

  • Having some random (drunk) guy grab my behind while on a tour of New Orleans

  • Having some 12 year old kid try to grope me while I was walking around a college campus

  • Having to swing and hit the kid with my umbrella

  • Winning $1,000 on a scratch lottery ticket (not all the weird things are bad things)

  • Winning a gift certificate to a jewelry store and using it to buy a nicer wedding band with diamonds in it

  • Getting pregnant with twins even though I never did fertility treatments and twins do NOT run in my family

This list goes on and on. As Keith and I walked out of the office, I had my WTF moment as to why in the world would I get vertigo? Not like I don't have much else going on with my life.

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