The sickies

The twins started their new daycare last Tuesday (long story). Anyway, they only go two days a week. Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday, Connor came down with a bad cold. On Thursday, the twins got sick. Keira was extra super-duper crabby - turns out she is getting all 4 molars and two eye teeth in. At once.

The twins were on the mend, but on Monday night, Keira had a fever, probably due to teething. But they won't take fevers at daycare, so they missed their third day. And we misunderstood the policy (part-time is different than full-time) so by not sending either kid, we lost out on $110.

I stayed home with everybody and it literally was the day from hell. Having caught their cold, I felt crappy. And the twins cried most of the day. Connor started acting up in the afternoon too. I heard Colin crying and I asked Connor if he hit Colin. He said no. Then I asked him why was Colin crying. Connor replied, "Because I hit him." Hmpf.

Finally by Wednesday night, everyone was getting better. The twins had a so-so day at daycare. Then last night Colin started w/ a fever of 102. We are taking the kids for their 1 year/3 year pictures tomorrow. That should be fun.
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