What I did on my summer vacation

Last week, one half of our daycare went on vacation. (The ILs went to California to visit Keith's grandma. As much as I would love to introduce her to the twins, I am so not flying halfway across the country with my three wonderful children!) So Keith and I ended up taking off work a few days and had our own "vacation" with our kids.

Anyway, on day one of vacation, all three kids got sick. One even threw up, all over me. Lovely.

The rest of the time went great, despite it being 150 degrees out over the weekend. And our zoo trip was canceled due to illness. I really didn't want to come back to work.

Connor and his busted lip (He was jumping on the couch and hit the window ledge. While this didn't actually happen during our vacation, but rather on MIL's watch, I did want to show the picture because it's one of the best pictures we have of him!)

Connor and Lexi dancing in the rain

Riding the train. Although moments after the photo was taken, Connor changed his mind about the ride and got off.

This obviously was more his style. It was so high and Mommy almost had a heart attack the first time he came down the slide - he jumped off the top and slid down, loving every minute of it!

Watching the trucks cut down some tree branches

Swimming with bumpa

The twinkies in the 100 degree weather

Backyard fun

He hates the grass. I love that he hates the grass because he stays put as I chase his sister who loves the grass.
Further proof she loves the grass - I was stopping her from eating it!

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