The word of the day is...


Let me use it in a sentence: Keira was so crabassy at physical therapy on Monday, that she cried the entire time. A whole hour of her crying w/ the PT trying to get her to do things. I am secretly pleased Keith had the day off and he took her, since I had to through this before with her at therapy.

Let me use it in another sentence: Connor was very crabassy this morning when he realized the fruit on his oatmeal (the fruit he picked out) was not something he liked. Therefore the crabassy boy cried that he was done with breakfast, after taking ONE spoonful. He then walked around crying because I would not allow him to eat cheez-its for breakfast. He also threw the box at me. Again, I am secretly pleased I had to leave and go to work.

Here it is used again: Keith forgot to turn on the coffeemaker this morning (although in his defense he was busy changing two poopy diapers), but Sarah was not crabassy about it. Rather she was secretly pleased and treated herself to a yummy Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

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