What Would I Do with Ten Million Dollars?

Over at the Multiples and More website, their question of the week is "What would you do with TEN million dollars?"

I thought about this driving into work this morning. And came up with just a few things:

  • Buy a new house. One that had a master bathroom and large closets. A full-sized basement. 4 bedrooms. A large backyard. A screened in back porch. And a front porch.
  • Pay off my sister's mortgage or buy her a new house. And pay off my aunt's townhouse.
  • Quit my job because I hate having to come to work and be bored and unchallenged for 8 hours a day/5 days a week.
  • Write my novel - because now I have some free time since I don't work. ;)
  • Hire a nanny to come to my house for one hour a day so that I can work out in our exercise room. (Since I'm guessing even with 10 million dollars, Keith will still be against me getting a tummy tuck.) After she is done with the kids, she can fold all the laundry and put it away.
  • Store enough away for college and weddings.
  • Take a family vacation every year.
  • Oh - and celebrate our five year anniversary in New Orleans. Because we LOVE New Orleans and miss it so much!
  • Buy Keith that big truck he wants. The one that you need a ladder to climb into because the tires are so big.
  • Buy a new minivan - one that doesn't have a crack in the bumper thanks to Keith taking out a pile of snow turned to ice last January.
  • For myself, I would buy a Louis Vuitton purse because I've always wanted one.
  • Give lots of money to the March of Dimes.
  • The rest would be put into savings or stocks so that I could be a SAHM and be involved with my kids' schools and volunteer.
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