Our first family zoo trip

Well actually, it was our first big family trip ever as a family of five. To be honest, most of our "trips" involve going to babies-r-us or my grandma's house on a holiday. To be fair, I did have colicky babies who spent the first 11 months of their lives screaming their displeasure at things. It was kind of hard to get out of the house when it wasn't nap, feeding, or crabby time.

But last weekend, I thought now is the perfect time to go to the zoo. Plus it's the perfect time to break in our new stroller, the Maclaren Twin Triumph. Best $250 I've ever spent. (But don't tell my mom - she got me a graco duo glider for $5 at a garage sale. It's ok - but without the 5-point harness, my little daredevils prefer to spend most of their time hanging off the side of the stroller and mommy doesn't really get to enjoy herself. Plus this one folds up easily and I can actually life it off the ground.)

Keith's sister did come with us, since she was buying us our family membership to the zoo. It was a combined birthday presents for my summer babies. I hope she continues the tradition every year!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip:

Connor and I do a picture every year in front of this tiger.

Our wonderful new stroller and its happy occupants.

Connor and a giant turtle.

My boys in looking at some fish.

Keira and Daddy

Now some might think the highlight of our trip was the fact that the kids all did so well on the 45 minute car ride to and from the zoo. Or that they all behaved so well. Or that we paid extra to go see the dinosaur exhibit and Connor had a blast, running around looking at the apatosaurus and t-rex.

But the real highlight was that all three kids sat quietly in the zoo restaurant and ate the lunch that was placed in front of them. I actually thought that perhaps someone had switched Connor with some other kid who actually ate. (And I considered keeping this new kid.) Apparently we need to shell out cash for a zoo membership and pay for overpriced food for my three year old to eat. Maybe we could go to the zoo every weekend. ;)

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