Not Me Monday

Welcome to "Not Me" Monday. This blog carnival was created by MckMama over at Hop on over to see what she and everyone else has not been doing this week!

I thought I would give this a try this week.

I did not suggest to my husband last night that the next time we feed the twins spaghettios, we borrow my parents' dog because I know Lucy could lick the floor, the high chairs, and the twins clean in about 5 minutes (It took me 45 mins to get everything cleaned up). He did not tell me that it's a good idea.

I did not pick Keira up off the floor at Connor's birthday party, and she did not grab the pitcher of iced tea off the counter and throw it to the ground, thus soaking the floor, the rug and all the children that were surrounding me.

I did not hide in the living room last night eating a large piece of leftover birthday cake with extra frosting, while Connor sat at the kitchen table eating his small piece with minimal frosting.

I did not wash all the bathroom towels on Saturday night because the hand towel was dirty, and if I only washed that one, then the replacement hand towel would not match the bath towels.

My husband most certainly did not take apart our bedroom ceiling fan at 11 p.m. last night because it wasn't working correctly and he can't sleep without the fan. While he was not doing this, I was not up folding 8 loads of laundry that had been crammed into 3 laundry baskets, so of course the clothes were not wrinkled. I also was not watching The Soup and laughing at Joel make fun of the new show, "Dance your ass off", all the while not thinking about eating another piece of birthday cake.

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