My weekend

Last weekend, Keith went to work on his parents' townhouse (they had been renting it for years now, but just want to sell it and it's in horrible condition. Keith is like my dad - a jack of all trades - and it's cheaper to hire him than hire professionals to do that same quality of work.)

Anyway, MIL felt bad knowing I'd be home alone w/ all three kids, so she offered to watch Connor. Which left me home alone with two 1 year old. Who still take two naps. And eat what you put in front of them. And don't talk.

It was wonderful! I'd like to say I felt guilty when later that day I told Keith I really liked only having twins for the day. ;) Not that I would ever trade in Connor for anything, but let's see. He is down to one nap a day - sometimes. Other times, he is in his room making noise and waking up the babies. He is such a picky eater and if it's not french toast sticks or yogurt, he refuses to eat it for lunch. And yes I had been waiting for quite some time for him to start talking. Now it's all he does. "Mommy, help me." "Mommy, I can't do it." "Mommy, wait for me." (This is usually yelled at me as I quickly run up the stairs so I can go to the bathroom in peace. Although it's not peaceful since he is then outside the door, knocking on it and asking me why the door is locked.)

Fast forward one week. This past weekend, Keith worked at the townhouse Saturday AND Sunday. (Something about making extra money since we are planning on being broke this fall:

2 days of daycare for twins = $220 a week. 2 days part time preschool for one = $40)

He offered to take Connor to his mom's, but I do feel bad since the weekends are her time away from my lovely children. So I said no, that's ok. Apparently that was the crazies talking.

18 time outs later (and that was just on Saturday), as soon as Keith walked in the door, I just had to run out to Ulta to get new nail polish.

(Isn't it pretty? It's called, "It's All Greek to Me".)

I really truly would like to be a stay-at-home mom. I just think I need to wait until my kids start school.

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