They aren't babies anymore...

Every month since the twins have been about 4 months old, I have faithfully attended the Stork Club. It's a sub-group within the twins and triplets clubs I belong to. It's the only place where I feel like I fit in - being a mom of multiples. I can sit and talk with people who are going through the exact same thing as me. I usually feel really peaceful after these meetings because I do not feel so alone in this m.o.m. thing.

However, since the twins are turning one next week (!), tonight will be my last meeting with the Stork Club. I will be moving to the Moms of TODDLERS club. How can that be? My babies are still babies, right? They drink from bottles (although they love to slosh the water around in their sippy cups), they've got lovies, boo-boos (pacifiers) and thumbs to chew on when they are tired, and they crawl all over the house. (Well actually Colin took his first steps today, but I have decided I am not ready for that! So perhaps I will pretend it didn't happen since I didn't personally see it.) How can these little things be almost one?!?!
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