My 2009 Goals

I thought maybe if I would put these down somewhere other than my planner, I would actually get them done. ;)

  1. Lose 12 pounds (although 17 would be nice. Then I would be at my pre-pre-pregnancy weight.)
  2. Finish Connor's scrapbook of his first two years.
  3. Start (and maybe even finish) the twins' first year scrapbook. (Yes, they get screwed because there are two of them so I am only doing the first year.)
  4. Complete the outline and write at least six chapters of my book.
  5. Have a super-organized kitchen and bedroom. (The kitchen remodel starts in May, hopefully will be completed by June. And the bedroom is waiting on the dressers. And for Keith to make the drawer boxes.)

Well, five goals doesn't really seem like a lot to accomplish in 8 months. Of course it doesn't take into account my master to do list, or my weekly to do list, or the house to do list (and don't forget the list I have for Keith!) ... have you noticed I like my lists??? :P Plus I've got to potty-train Connor and get him prepped for pre-school, find a nanny or some other daycare for the fall, plan my gardens, redo our home filing system because it's messy and outdated, finish mom's grandmother's bracelet, did I mention I volunteered to be the MOTS coordinator for the twin club, plan the twins' first birthday party, make some baby quilts, and purge all the junk in the crawl space.

And they say multi-tasking is overrated.

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