Connor and the quarter

I have tried my hardest to keep all coins away from Connor. First it's because I was afraid he would put one in his mouth. And now it is because I am afraid he will put one in a baby's mouth. (I am already spending way too much energy keeping things like throw rugs, paper, and toy cars out of their mouths.)

Anyway, yesterday at Gigi's house, Uncle Tommy wanted to get in on the egg hunt. Gigi (my grandma) had put little pieces of chocolate in some eggs and hid them in (quite obvious) places around her living room. Tom added two more - each with a quarter inside. Lexi got her quarter, but was more excited about the candy. Connor on the other hand, was VERY excited to see that dumb quarter and insisted on carrying it around with him all day. At least most of the time it could be in his pocket, but still he liked to pull it out and show it to people.

Fast forward to coming home last night. First, he dropped it into the seatbelt slot on his carseat on the drive home. Luckily, mommy's fingers were thin enough to jam her hand in there to get it out because he needed it right away. He then had to carry it around all night. The babies were in their rockers, he had it in his hand and was next to the couch, and I went upstairs for just a minute. I came back down and the quarter was gone. The babies were still playing happily and weren't coughing or sputtering, so I knew they were okay. I asked Connor where the quarter went. He told me he didn't know. He kept asking me, "where quarter go? mommy, where go? it gone."

Afraid that it might have rolled somewhere that later a chubby little hand would find it, I crawled around on the floor, lifting up the playmats and the couch cushions, even sticking my hand under the couch (where I did find a ball, a train track, and a teddy graham). I keep asking him what he did with it. He keeps looking under things and saying, "no, not there." I think to myself, what a great helper I have - he really is trying to help me find it.

Silly mommy. After ten minutes of searching, he walks to the other side of the room and picks up a cup he had left on his play stove. He dumps the quarter in his hand and says, "here mommy. quarter right here." My sneaky little boy knew where it was all along. Ah, the joys of having an almost 3-year old. And in a short time, I will have two more mischief makers working against me.
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