They crawl!!!

I kept waiting for this day. Oh how great it will be when the twins can finally crawl.

Um, yeah. I was so excited I didn't think about the fact that there are TWO of them crawling in very DIFFERENT directions. Last night, Colin crawled over to the staircase and if Keith hadn't stopped him, he would have tried crawling up the first stair. At the same time, Keira had somehow gotten herself over to Connor's toys and was eating a car. By the time you bring one back to the center of the room and stand back up, he or she is already on the way into more mischief. And the other twin is on the other side of the room doing something equally as naughty.

I always said I would never get one of those superyards. But I never thought I would have twins either. :P Perhaps a trip to BRU is in order this weekend.
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