As a mother, I can never

...leave a pen just laying around without expecting some sort of art project be left on my living room walls.

...take a shower without thinking when will I hear "momma, where you?" or wonder if today is the day that a baby wakes up extremely early and our finely crafted morning schedule falls apart.

...think about abortion or child abuse without tearing up.

...take a picture of all three of my children smiling AND looking at the camera AND behaving all at the same time. (The Christmas picture was a fluke, I'm sure.)

...go out alone with my husband without tracking down not one, but two babysitters who can handle bottle-feeding twins while playing with Connor at the same time.

...not multi-task.

...make too many to-do lists.

...sleep soundly through the night without getting up at least once to check on the kids.

...get through a meal without scarfing it down or waiting until it's almost too cold to eat.

...get enough smiles from the babies or laughs from Connor.

...get over how Connor loves to pretend to sleep in various positions (for example, hanging off the arm of the couch) and fake-snore.

...not smile when Keira grabs my cheeks and laughs.

...not smother Colin with kisses as he eats his toes.

...wish hard enough that Connor continues to be a wonderful and caring big brother to the twins.

...hope hard enough that Keira's birthmark won't cause her emotional pain when she starts school if it hasn't gone away by then.

...pray hard enough that Colin's physical therapy continues to work and that he doesn't have anything else wrong with him besides torticollis.
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