Friday, April 20, 2012

If I ever get my act together, I will blog about my experience at the RT Booklovers Convention I went to last weekend. But for now, you get a book review!

This book had been on my TBR list since sometime last year, after the Warden had recommended it on her FB page. I liked the author, Darynda Jones, so I was keeping up with her posts as well, but never had time to read the book.  At the convention, I saw Darynda Jones was signing, so I stood in line and bought her book, complete with signature and bookmark!

Now honestly I prefer vamps over all other PR books. But this book, about a grim reaper/PI was awesome! The main character, Charley Davidson, was born a grim reaper. She assists her cop uncle with cases, so to keep questions to a minimum, she became a PI who consults for the police department.  With her ability to see dead people (those who haven't crossed over for some reason), she is able to solve murders quickly. Not without about 5+ hits on her life during the first book alone, but she makes it through.

While working on her current case, she is also trying to deal with her dream lover - a man who has been haunting her dreams and begins to appear to her in real life as well. Turns out, he is Reyes Alexander Farrow.  Reyes's story is complicated and well, I won't ruin the surprise of telling you who he really is.

What I loved most about this book (well besides the scenes with Reyes) was the humor. Charley is more sarcastic than I am, and I loved her comments, thoughts, and even the little blurbs at the start of each chapter (mostly taken from bumper stickers and t-shirts).

There are two other books out in the series, along with a fourth on the way. I highly recommend this book. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happiness, Easter and Growing (Old) Up

I am blessed that both of my grandmas are still with us and have been able to see their great-grandchildren growing up. Both are not in the best of health, but we know in our hearts this is Gigi L's last Easter. She has celebrated 86 Easters in her life.  Part of me hopes this was the best one:

Egg hunt in Gigi's backyard

Checking out the loot

Gigi watching the kids

Friday, April 6, 2012

Reflections (and my 400th post)

In 2001, I was working three jobs and going to graduate school. I had been single for about a year, and if I wasn't working, I was hanging out with my sister and a couple of friends.  We did lots of fun yet meaningless stuff: concerts, Denny's, laughing at ourselves, and tattoos.  I could lay in bed and devour Anne Rice's The Witching Hour with no other responsibilities calling to me.

That girl is gone.

In 2002, my boyfriend (now husband), Keith, knew I was looking for a new job. He found an ad for the college where I currently work. I applied for two positions, was offered both, chose one. It was part-time, but allowed me to focus on my graduate studies and still have a life outside of work/school.  I wore funky jewelry, had red hair with black "highlights", smoked on my way to work, and did other meaningless (but fun) things.

That girl is gone.

Yesterday I received an email from work. This month, I will be honored for 10 years of service with a dinner and a gift. 

That makes me feel old.

Somehow, along the way, a part-time job turned into a full-time career.  Now there is a husband, three children, and a mortgage. Car payments, school tuition, and daycare bills.  A cup of coffee on the drive into work. I still wear cords and funky jewelry, but there are no more tattoos, no more fun hair - because there is no money for frivolous things. I read books on parenting and sensory processing disorder (with the occasional vamp thrown in).

If I could talk to that girl I used to be, what would I tell her? Have more fun? Date more guys?

Savor every moment.

And if that girl could talk to the woman I've become, she'd tell her - Just wait. You'll be busier, but life will be so much sweeter. You will miss the meaningless, frivolous things, but you will gain so much more.

Just don't forget me.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happiness - Week 4

Some people do not understand how a book can make me happy. 
(Namely, my husband. Although for the record, 
I did ignore him on my first morning home
so that I could finish the book. But still...)

Anyway, I waited patiently for book 10 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series to be released. It just so happened that it was set to be delivered to my kindle while I was in Vegas for a conference. The magic of my iPhone continues to surprise me (mainly because I never bothered reading the manual that came with it). I had started reading the book on my kindle, yet later that day had some time in between sessions. I checked the kindle app on my phone, and it automatically synced to my last location read on my kindle. 

It's magic, I tell you.

The next day, I had time before my flight left:

 I read on the flight. 
And the next morning after the kids went to school
(much to the chagrin of my husband).

The book was all I could hope for and more. There is something about the Warden's writing that keeps me glued to the page no matter what is going on around me.  Plus, not only did Tohr's heart heal, we saw a lot of John Matthew and Xhex.  The Band of Bastards played a role too - and now I wonder, who will Layla's HEA be? Throe or Xcor? Before she announced it on FB, I knew the next book would be Blay and Qhuinn's.  Thank goodness! It's about time they were able to find true happiness. And I got my Wrath fix as well, although I was quite nervous during the van ride back to the mansion.  

So to recap - things that make me happy - books, the brothers, and alone time that allowed me to read a 671 page book in two and a half days. Because seriously, that hasn't happened since Connor was born.