Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Go Cubs

Yesterday morning, Connor's kindergarten teacher sent out her electronic newsletter.
In it, she mentioned that on Tuesday (today)
the kids could wear jeans and their favorite sports team shirt.

Well we don't watch sports. 
 In fact, we really don't even pay attention to them.

Needless to say, someone had to stop at the store last night
after working 10 hours at her job to make sure Connor had a shirt for school.....

But isn't he cute?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I Feel LIke A Grown-Up Now

When Keith and I got married, we rented a house from my parents. It was where my grandma grew up and was about 100 years old.  We knew we'd be moving in a year or two, so we didn't buy any furniture, just borrowed from family or shopped some resale shops.  Our house was cute, eclectic and fun.

When I was 5 months pregnant with Connor, we moved into the house where we now live. As a house-warming gift, we were given a brand new beautiful sectional for our family room, and took to furnishing that living space since that's where the tv was.  Over the years, we re-did the kitchen (cabinets, paint, etc), new living room furniture (to replace the sleeper sofa that didn't match anything), Keith added a second (full) bath off the family room (complete with a stone-tiled shower), and of course, furnished two nurseries, and then (sniff, sniff) big kid rooms.... 

Our bedroom, however, took a backseat.

Two years ago, I had had enough of the mismatched dressers (one from Keith's house, one was my childhood dresser growing up), and had Keith build us a matching set of large dressers.
(Which I realize now I do not have a picture of.)

But the room wasn't finished. All I wanted was a headboard.

But things happen, and other projects got in the way.

Until now.

This birthday/Christmas, Keith surprised me with a new custom-made headboard.

I love it!  It makes me feel grown-up,
now that everything in the room matches (he stained it to match the dressers).
Not only that, it's so pretty!
I'm so thankful for my handy husband, and so happy with my "new" bedroom.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Playing in the snow

We had a green Christmas. There was no snow here in the midwest... until Thursday.

The kids had been begging to go outside, but I had to work this morning, so we told them after lunch.

They loved it.

Keith made a sledding hill and everything.

Tonight, at bed time, Connor told me his favorite parts of today were: One, sledding in the sled. Two, drinking hot cocoa, and three, when you lay with me in my bed, Mommy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twin love

I had big plans to post today about Connor's new bed that Daddy built.

Unfortunately, those pictures are still at home, on the camera.

When we moved into our house, we were on the five year plan: live here until Connor turns 5, then move to a bigger house.  Well life (and recessions) happen, and the move did not occur.  Since we were undecided for awhile, we kept Connor in his extremely slightly outgrown toddler bed.  Keith built Connor a new twin bed to match his dresser over Christmas, and it was ready this past weekend.  Of course, you won't get to see those pictures until someone gets her stuff together and uploads the camera.

Instead, you can see the twinkles showing each other some love in Connor's old bed before we took it apart:

Don't let them fool you.
They are just pretending it's nap time. 
They don't nap time.
 (Sigh. I miss nap time...)
But this picture does make me happy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Keira-ism: Swimming in the River

This morning on the way to Nana's, I saw a large bird flying above the river. When I realized I was lucky enough to see it was an eagle, I exclaimed: Keira, look! It's an eagle flying above the river!

Keira responded with, I see it! Hey let's get our swim things and go swim down there. (We were crossing the bridge.)

I mentioned that you really don't swim in that river since it's dirty.

She said matter-of-factly, That's right. And there are alligators. And sharks. We can't swim with them. But we can go with the seals because they are so nice and warm.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Sheep Hoarder

Keira has a tendency to collect random crap. 

Sometimes, it's Little People, sometimes it's scraps of paper.

I caught her on Christmas, under Gigi's Christmas tree,

hoarding herding sheep.

Seriously, this girl cracks me up.

I love my boys,
but I'm so blessed that God gave me this little girl
because she makes me so happy.

Grandma was right...

I have a health issue that was discovered last summer.  Apparently stress makes it worse. And with my life, stress is abundant. 

I've been on a search to de-stress as much as I can.  Unfortunately the kids keep getting sick, and not one of them believes in sleeping through the night (seriously people - you are 3 and 5!) My husband also suffers from a disease called "as soon as my wife cleans/organizies something, I find a way to dirty/clutter it back up again". 

I received a free sample of some face cloths recently, and just tried them over the break. Ponds Evening Soothe towelettes are simply awesome! They are made with white tea and chamomile flower extract.  I had been using a different cleanser at night, which always left my face dry.  These towelettes are quite moisturizing, and leave my skin feeling soft and smooth.  I swear my skin actually looks brighter!  (And they remove make-up, including mascara, which is a plus.)

I think the smell is my favorite part.  With the chamomile scent, I actually feel more relaxed after using a towelette, and go to bed more at ease than before.  (I still have a million to-do items running through my head, but with these towelettes, as well as my lavendar lotion I use on my hands, I truly feel more relaxed.)

The funny thing is, I always associated Ponds with my grandma. She swore by using their cold cream on her face every single night and said it kept the wrinkles away.  I couldn't see myself lathering up with cold cream, and never thought to use Ponds for their other products until now.  Gigii is pretty sick right now, and recovering from a few broken ribs caused by a stroke/fall on Christmas day, so I've yet to mention this to her - but I am going to tell her she is right! Ponds is a great product! ;)

Disclaimer - this review was by me, for me. Ponds has no idea I'm writing it, and I have received no compensation for it. However, should they see I wrote this, I'd happily accept coupons. ;)